27 January 2011

Paris in a View....


We've been planning on taking a trip to Paris maybe this year. I've been searching travel websites for tips, bookstores for travel guides, plane flights prices, hotels vs. rental apartments, and trying to learn some french along the way. It's been a dream to visit there. I love to travel. To see new cultures. Taste new foods. And to try a different language that one's not use to speaking everyday. It's fun to get out of the norm. I like the difference in things. I just hope we can experience all the different things that Paris has to offer this year. 

So, all I can do now is look at pictures and keep dreaming of when we can go. Keep on dreaming. Enjoy!

Images from lucyndskywdmnds*** ; Elisabeth85 {Way too busy}; Dimitry B; frausonnenblume1; bernard-paris - (via flicker); Cote De Texas


  1. All I can say is watch out for the dog crap :)

  2. LOL!! That's true they have a lot of dogs there. :)


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