28 February 2010

Things I Love Now...

Went into J.Crew this weekend. Love the color and design palette this season.

Images from J.Crew

24 February 2010

A Dress for the Spring...

I saw this dress in the Philadelphia Wedding Magazine. Gorgeous!!! So loving it!! Love wedding dresses!

This is a Pronovias strapless tiered gown with floral appliqués, $1,925 at the Bridal Garden, Marlton near Philadelphia.
Image from Philadelphia Magazine

Gorgeous Black Vintage Dresser.

I was browsing the blogs today, and found this gorgeous DIY black vintage dresser on apartment #34's blog. The DIY was done via wiley valentine.

I so want the dresser! Or wish I knew how to refinish furniture.


Image from apartment #34, wiley valentine

Honeymoon Styles from Philly

So as I was waiting around at Walgreen's for my prescription, I came across the Philadelphia Magazine's Wedding issue that just came out. A lot of cute wedding ideas for those out there getting married this year!

Here are some of the really cute 'Honeymoon' lingerie from the Philly stores. I really like the purple ones!

21 February 2010

Modern, Clean, and Cream

After a long Sunday, it made me think of cream colors and what I love on a lazy Sunday...

Cream colored cloths.

Lovely, cream colors in rooms around the house.

Images from apartment #34, rokit, LookBook.nu, Harry Corry, Holding Court, Architectural Digest

Confidence, style, and matching lingerie....so French!

I love things French! Always have, always will. It's just the style, the confidence, the femininity of the cloths makes you fall in love with however graceful all French people and things look. I recently read the book 'French Women Don't Sleep Alone' by Jamie Cat Callan. Now, I wasn't trying to find love, but it's is a good tip book for those out there that want some French flare help. But I wanted to know more on the way the French women thought. How they style their cloths? How they take care of their beauty? More that type of stuff. Well, this book was a very entertaining, helpful look into the view of how the French women works.

Key words from this book: Confidence, Confidence, Confidence. It was the main topic throughout this book. And really...it's true. We all need more confidence in life!

Here's the helpful list of 'How to be a French Women While Living in America':
  1. Stop Dating - French women don't date. They date in a group-like setting of inviting friends, their coterie, (plus someone they may like) to dinner. This way it gets you out of the American 'interview-style' dating.
  2. Throw a Party - This is part of the French dating style of throwing a party to invite people over (plus the one you may like), and showing off your culinary and entertaining skills. Make sure your mix people up as in boy, girl, boy, girl seating.
  3. Walk the Walk - French women do walk everywhere. This is the best way to get out there to show yourself off to the world (to men).
  4. Get Offline and Get in Line - French women meet men in the real world. This include coffee shops, films, museums, parties, etc. How they meet so many men: being charming and a little seductive.
  5. Fraternize on the Job - This means by a little more feminine at work in your cloths, like a nice top, necklace, scarf, etc. Meet men at work, don't be shy.
  6. Be Natural - The French look is a natural look. Have tousled, wind-blown hair and only show off one body part, like your legs with a great skirt.
  7. Say 'Hello' to Your Ex - French women leave on good terms with boyfriends. This way they can still add them to their coterie, group of friends. Never know if you'll need them in the future.
  8. Create a Coterie - A coterie is the all-important group of friends that is made up of men, women, coworkers, and new crushes. The group you do things with or be see with.
  9. Get Smart - French women know that being brainy is hot. And, yes, men do like smart women.
  10. Don't Pack Away the Good Chain - French women use the good stuff everyday. So should you.
  11. Lingerie! - Wear sexy (matching) lingerie everyday. It will make you feel confident!
  12. Get cooking - The way to a man's heart is 'really' through his stomach.
  13. Love the Skin You're In - The French woman's secret to self love is fragrant creams and lotions. They know that they need to take care of themselves, and it makes them feel good in their own skin.
  14. Tend to Your Secret Garden - Keep some secrets. Don't be so honest by tell everyone everything all the time. Like your secret of reading romance novels, or whatever.
  15. Less is More - Don't super-size everything. Buy one great piece of clothing, eat smaller portions of food, don't try to change your guy, etc.
  16. Stand by Your Man - Accept him for who he is.
  17. Vive la Difference - French women are women and they don't let you forget it. Enjoy being a women. We're different and that a good thing!
  18. You Have a Right to Be Moody - You're a woman. Reclaim your right to be a women, to by moody and capricious and emotional.
This book was a great find, and a great book. Enjoy!

Image from Barnes & Nobles (You can also buy it there too!)
More on the author - Jamie Cat Callan

Pink for my Chocolate

So in keeping with my baking mood lately, I found this delicious chocolate cupcake recipe with pink butter cream frosting on Holy Sweet Confections. So good!! And the cupcakes are also good by themselves.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Butter cream Frosting
6 tablespoons cocoa
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 cups all purpose flour
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 cups vegetable oil
1 cup cold water

Sift together the cocoa, sugar, salt, baking soda and flour. Set aside. Using a mixer, mix the eggs, vanilla, oil and cold water until creamy. Slowly add the dry ingredients until well incorporated. Scoop evenly between 24 lined muffin cups and bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes. Frost with your favorite frosting.

Creamy Vanilla Butter cream Frosting
500g unsalted butter, room temperature
500g confectioners sugar
pinch of salt
2 tsp vanilla extract

Cream the butter for a couple of minutes. Add confectioners sugar and salt and mix on low speed until incorporated. Mix on high speed until pale, smoot and really flyffy, about 5 minutes (scrape sides of bowl when needed). Add vanilla and mix on high for another minute.
( I added a drop of pink food colouring and chocolate shavings)

Recipe from Holy Sweet Confections Blog
Images taken by me from my baking.

16 February 2010

Legos for your iPod

So I was looking through the March issue of Ladies' Home Journal, and came across a fun little gadget. It's called Retro iPod Block Speakers. They look like Lego blocks!!  It was get just looking at them. Brings back old times of playing with them, and losing them around the house.

These fun little speakers run off of the iPod's energy. Also the plus signs are the volume control for the speakers. They cost $25 each.

Image from fredflare.com; Ladies Home Journal

More Styles for the Fall from Fashion Week

Late, Sunday afternoon, there came what I believe many designs for which many of this Fall/Winter cloths will be designed after. They came from the Diane Von Furstenberg show in the Tent.

Beautiful sheer, patterns, and short dresses. Love this sheer, cream color dress. 


Monday brought more loving dresses from Zac Posen (in the Altman Building) and Carolina Herrera (in the Tent). Both designers have earth tone color (browns and reds), patterns, and some black.

Posen showed this short, two tone color dress. Short was the big thing in his collection.

Herrera showed this long, ruffled red dress and this detailed coat with hat. She used many hats in her collection that had a laid-back cowboy look to them.

Images from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Pictures by GETTY IMAGES; Designer Website » www.dvf.com; www.carolinaherrera.com

14 February 2010

Few colors in a sea of dark collections.

Dark. That's what many collections this year at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week are going. A lot of black color styles.

I know we are heading the styles for Fall/Winter, but why so much black. The cold season is already depressing as it is. We don't need to be reminded more.

However, for a review of this weekend's fashion shows, I've found a few pieces that would be nice to brighten the cold days in my closet.

From Christian Siriano's show at the Promenade on Friday, he showed a beautiful purple jewel-tone dress.

Charlotte Ronson also showed in the Promenade on Friday evening. She had many dark cloths as well, but this tan coat stood out of the darkness.

On Saturday, ADAM showed his collection in the Promenade. I love the thin style of the sleeves. It just makes you feel warm looking at it.

Lela Rose's show was in the Salon, today, on Sunday. She showed a dress fit for any Valentine's Day dinner. A dress in ruffles and cream.

The Salon also showed Rebecca Taylor's collection. Just love this long shirt/dress in blue with the long, natural looking hair style. Gorgeous...

Images from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week; Pictures by GETTY IMAGES; Designer Websites » www.christianvsiriano.com; www.charlotteronson.com; www.shopadam.com; www.lelarose.com; www.rebeccataylor.com

12 February 2010

Pinks and Creams for Valentine's Day

Soft Cream sheets, pink lingerie, hearts on cupcakes, and day dreams makes me think of Valentine's Day on Sunday.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 



For lingerie- Victorias Secret
For Brownie Heart Cupcakes Recipe - www.marthastewart.com

Images from Martha Stewart, decor pad, and  Zimbio

Black Colors and Jewels for Angsana

Black fish-nets, furs, embellishments, and jeweled colors walked the Salon's runway for the Farah Angsana collection yesterday evening.

Images from the Farah Angsana show and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Pictures by GETTY IMAGES; Designer Website » www.farahangsana.com

The Seaman hat pulls into Port

Yesterday, at the Promenade, PORTS 1961 showed their collection of textured wools and tweeds in taupe/brown/black. A modified seaman's hat also made it's way to port in the show.

Images from the PORTS 1961 show and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Pictures by GETTY IMAGES; Designer Website » www.ports1961.com

11 February 2010

Red lips and Gray layers from Chai

Gray/black layers walked their way down the Promenade for Richard Chai's show. There was a strong early 90s feel to the knits and pattern shears. Sometimes the cloths looked in a way...baggy. Finger-less gloves, side-parted hair, and red lips finish the looks.

Images from Richard Chai at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Asymmetrically, Gray BCBGMAXAZRIA

In the TENT, there was BCBGMAXAZRIA. It was asymmetrical madness in grays with touches of short crew necklines, tights, belts, and short ankle boots. The hair was a a pulled tight into a chignon, but just a little hair peaking out the side.

Images from the BCBGMAXAZRIA show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

MACKAGE goes dark and coats...

The Mackage show started today's Fashion Week at the SALON. This show has a very dark look to it with all the browns, blacks, coats, strong shoulders, leather, and fur. It was only softened by the color of taupe and the texture of shear that helped bring it to the front with light. The side pony-tail for hair brought a powerful, but elegant-chic look to the models.

Images from Mackage Show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Streaming Collections

Calvin Klein will stream his collections for Fashion Week on Facebook:

Calvin Klein Facebook Page

Images from Calvin Klein's Facebook
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