24 January 2011

Fur & pants....

I love this look! I keep trying to update my wardrobe with more essential, stylish cloths that I can use for either work or casual days. But it's hard to weed out old cloths at times when your busy with life and on a budget. However, this look is so causal it works for a weekend out shopping, meeting someone at a café, or Sunday bunch out with friends & family. Then you could change the shirt out with something more dressy for work. So it works both ways.

Here are some ideas for getting this look. Have a great week everyone! Enjoy!

Image from Skinny Mommy
Outfit from Bluefly.com (coat); Coach (handbag); Banana Republic (pants); Gap (shirt); Piperlime (shoe, bracelet 1, bracelet 2)

1 comment:

  1. I normally don't like fur and if that was faux fur I'd be all over it.

    It looks really good. Clean and polished.


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