06 January 2011

A Little Bit of Paris for Your Kid's Bedroom....

You know how once you buy something from a store once, you start getting their catalogs. Well, that's how I've been getting the Pottery Barn Kids catalogs lately. I got something in there for a friend's baby shower, and voilà, catalogs! But the thing is I really like to look at them. They have such cute designs for kids' rooms. Also, they give me ideas for when we start having kids, and how I can decorate their rooms. 

Yesterday, I got the Spring 2011 catalog for Pottery Barn Kids in the mail. I had to look at it of course. They have the dream sheet set and duvet cover for any small Parisian girl who dreams of a Paris filled bedroom. These very pretty pink and white sheets and duvet with the Eiffel tower, a Parisian girl at a cafe, the Arc de Triomphe, and cute little poodles. It would put a smile of any little girl's face. Well, enjoy!

Images from Pottery Barn Kids

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