08 February 2010

It's the "LOVE" of Bare Escentuals. New products.

So, my husband was laughing at me the other week, because I 'had' to get home on a Friday night to watch QVC. LOL!! I know, crazy! Oh well, it's because Bare Escentuals was going to be on.

I have to say after I stared using these products 4 years ago; I can't stop. I LOVE them! My skin has never looked better!

Two new products that Bare Escentuals has put out are the Bare Escentuals I Love BE Grand 9-piece Color Collection (on QVC.com) and Bare Escentuals Face Forward.

The I Love BE set is made up of SPF 15 foundation with Click, Lock, Go sifter, RareMinerals Skin Revival Night Treatment, Soul Eye Color, Heart Eye Color, Charcoal Big & Bright Eyeliner,
Love Radiance allover face color, Heartcake 100% Natural Lip Gloss, one handy buki brush with extended handle, and one contour shadow brush.

Great colors if you like the new soft, pink shade trends that are coming for the Spring. Also, my new favorite lip gloss!

Bare Escentuals I Love BE Grand 9-piece Color Collection

Lastly, for those of you who want some more sample/travel sizes, the Face Forward set is for you. I picked this up at Sephora last week. This set has the original SPF 15 Foundation, original SPF 25 Mineral Veil, Purely Nourishing Facial Moisturizer, Active Triple Treatment Eye Cream, and Mini Full Flawless Face Brush.

Really great for those of you who travel a lot and need to save on space. Mostly, I wanted to try the eye cream and have a small size of the moisturizer. The others are just bonuses in my book.

Bare Escentuals Face Forward

Have any of you bought these? Tried them? What are your thoughts?

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