21 February 2010

Confidence, style, and matching lingerie....so French!

I love things French! Always have, always will. It's just the style, the confidence, the femininity of the cloths makes you fall in love with however graceful all French people and things look. I recently read the book 'French Women Don't Sleep Alone' by Jamie Cat Callan. Now, I wasn't trying to find love, but it's is a good tip book for those out there that want some French flare help. But I wanted to know more on the way the French women thought. How they style their cloths? How they take care of their beauty? More that type of stuff. Well, this book was a very entertaining, helpful look into the view of how the French women works.

Key words from this book: Confidence, Confidence, Confidence. It was the main topic throughout this book. And really...it's true. We all need more confidence in life!

Here's the helpful list of 'How to be a French Women While Living in America':
  1. Stop Dating - French women don't date. They date in a group-like setting of inviting friends, their coterie, (plus someone they may like) to dinner. This way it gets you out of the American 'interview-style' dating.
  2. Throw a Party - This is part of the French dating style of throwing a party to invite people over (plus the one you may like), and showing off your culinary and entertaining skills. Make sure your mix people up as in boy, girl, boy, girl seating.
  3. Walk the Walk - French women do walk everywhere. This is the best way to get out there to show yourself off to the world (to men).
  4. Get Offline and Get in Line - French women meet men in the real world. This include coffee shops, films, museums, parties, etc. How they meet so many men: being charming and a little seductive.
  5. Fraternize on the Job - This means by a little more feminine at work in your cloths, like a nice top, necklace, scarf, etc. Meet men at work, don't be shy.
  6. Be Natural - The French look is a natural look. Have tousled, wind-blown hair and only show off one body part, like your legs with a great skirt.
  7. Say 'Hello' to Your Ex - French women leave on good terms with boyfriends. This way they can still add them to their coterie, group of friends. Never know if you'll need them in the future.
  8. Create a Coterie - A coterie is the all-important group of friends that is made up of men, women, coworkers, and new crushes. The group you do things with or be see with.
  9. Get Smart - French women know that being brainy is hot. And, yes, men do like smart women.
  10. Don't Pack Away the Good Chain - French women use the good stuff everyday. So should you.
  11. Lingerie! - Wear sexy (matching) lingerie everyday. It will make you feel confident!
  12. Get cooking - The way to a man's heart is 'really' through his stomach.
  13. Love the Skin You're In - The French woman's secret to self love is fragrant creams and lotions. They know that they need to take care of themselves, and it makes them feel good in their own skin.
  14. Tend to Your Secret Garden - Keep some secrets. Don't be so honest by tell everyone everything all the time. Like your secret of reading romance novels, or whatever.
  15. Less is More - Don't super-size everything. Buy one great piece of clothing, eat smaller portions of food, don't try to change your guy, etc.
  16. Stand by Your Man - Accept him for who he is.
  17. Vive la Difference - French women are women and they don't let you forget it. Enjoy being a women. We're different and that a good thing!
  18. You Have a Right to Be Moody - You're a woman. Reclaim your right to be a women, to by moody and capricious and emotional.
This book was a great find, and a great book. Enjoy!

Image from Barnes & Nobles (You can also buy it there too!)
More on the author - Jamie Cat Callan

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