14 February 2010

Few colors in a sea of dark collections.

Dark. That's what many collections this year at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week are going. A lot of black color styles.

I know we are heading the styles for Fall/Winter, but why so much black. The cold season is already depressing as it is. We don't need to be reminded more.

However, for a review of this weekend's fashion shows, I've found a few pieces that would be nice to brighten the cold days in my closet.

From Christian Siriano's show at the Promenade on Friday, he showed a beautiful purple jewel-tone dress.

Charlotte Ronson also showed in the Promenade on Friday evening. She had many dark cloths as well, but this tan coat stood out of the darkness.

On Saturday, ADAM showed his collection in the Promenade. I love the thin style of the sleeves. It just makes you feel warm looking at it.

Lela Rose's show was in the Salon, today, on Sunday. She showed a dress fit for any Valentine's Day dinner. A dress in ruffles and cream.

The Salon also showed Rebecca Taylor's collection. Just love this long shirt/dress in blue with the long, natural looking hair style. Gorgeous...

Images from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week; Pictures by GETTY IMAGES; Designer Websites » www.christianvsiriano.com; www.charlotteronson.com; www.shopadam.com; www.lelarose.com; www.rebeccataylor.com

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