08 February 2010

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Shomei Pear.


My thoughts for this blog is to show the things that inspire me as I travel in life. It's essentially...the inspirations. From the people around me, places I've traveled (or want to travel), delicious food, fashionable cloths, colorful makeup, interesting books, cute cafes, and stylish decor. Also all things that have European/Asian flair.

The title of my blog has some meaning behind it. Shomei means 'signature' in Japanese. Pear is the stylist, French pear of mine that you see in the picture I took for the main title. This is 'my' signature of the things I see in life. These are the things that I look for and that inspire me.These are just my thoughts, my dreams. We're all different and that's what's wonderful. Difference is our stylist beauty that we see in all.

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