18 November 2011

Thinking of a Trip...Where to go?

So my hubby's and I are thinking we need to get away next year.  Thinking about a real trip away.  We haven't been on a real trip in ............. hmmmm, not sure when.  So it's been a long time!  haha...  Lately, it's only been trips to visit home/family.  We have also (like most people) been saving and paying down debt.  So we decided to start saving for a trip a few months ago.  Also we've come up with three places we are thinking about visiting.  They are (1) Japan, (2) London, (3) Paris.

Here's the thing on why we picked these three.  First off, we LOVE Japan!! Also, my hubby's family lives there.  So it's nice to visit them.  Although, we've been to Japan before, but it's been awhile.  So we thought maybe we'd try somewhere new this time around, like London or Paris.  Now I've never been to Europe before, but my hubby has.  We don't speak French, but it would be fun to try.  (Hubby's really nervous about speaking French than I am.)  I've always wanted to visit London and Paris.  London because most of my family came from Great Britain, loved Princess Di, the history, museums; art, love tea, etc.  Paris because the history, fashion, art museums, Versailles, shopping, Eiffel Tower, Macarons, etc.  

So it's been really hard to chose which one to visit.  We also looked at the cost of each trip and which one we could afford/save for in time for the 'off season' travel in Europe and Japan.  This way airline and hotels cost would be down.   (This is the frugalness in me coming out now a days.  Can't help it.)  Can you guess where we picked to go?

Which place would you pick and why?

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  1. All 3. I love London the best out of the two in Europe, and Paris is tolerable (although not amazing) but very fun if you have a lot of $$$ to shop :)

    Japan however, would be my ultimate trip.

  2. Hey FB! You should go to Japan. If you do, go to Kyoto, Japan. It's really pretty there, and easy to get around. It's my favorite place so far in Japan. :)


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