22 November 2011

And the Trip Is...

So after careful thinking (& budgeting) we have decided to go to... London!!  Why you may ask?  Well, we've been to Japan (twice), so that's out for now.  Paris, hubby was really nervous to try and speak French to go.  So we decided to start our travels of Europe in London.  (Also, Samantha Brown, from the Travel Channel, said it's a good place to start for newbies to Europe. So off we go!)

We plan on going in the Spring. (Hope it's not snowing like it is in the pic below. LOL..)  Can't wait though!  Now for the planning and deciding what to wear/bring.  More stuff to come!  Enjoy!

Image from wehearit


  1. My favourite city in Europe! I think I have some posts coming up on The Everyday Minimalist soon, about London.


    Some time next week or so.

  2. Oh good, FB! I was wondering how your second trip went. :D I'll have to check it out.


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