27 November 2011

Black Deals for a Spring Trip....

So the holiday shopping event has begun as the gates opened early Friday morning and the wolves took forth to the aisles for their gold of goods.

For me, it started Thursday in front of the TV as I was watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I love to hunt for the deals online early.  Also so I don't have to run to the store at all hours of the night for the best deal.  Some things just aren't worth it. 

So I've been looking for things for the trip.  I know we need new travel bags, and ones that are safe.  So I got the small black shoulder bag and the red/orange bag for everyday traveling around and sightseeing.  The tote is for air travel, cause my old tote gave out last year.  Also it will double as a purse.  The red wallet/purse is for day and night use.  I wanted something that could multitask, and for safety I can hook it to me.  Lastly, my camera is starting to frizz out on me; so found a good deal on a new one.  I have to take good pics of London!

Did you guys find any good deals this weekend?  Any thing for your next travel event?  Enjoy!

Image from Me; Items: black & red bags; camera; tote & wallet

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