18 December 2010

Pistachio Heaven...

Mmmmmm..... I love these muffins! When I first moved to Delaware, I found a little place called Pure Bread Deli in Greenville, DE. It was such a cute little place. All their deli sandwiches are named after dogs! It's such a cute idea. But my favorite thing is the pistachio muffin they have. Oh so good! It's like a little piece of green heaven.

I've been trying to find a pistachio muffin recipe to make at home. But I just can't find one that taste like this one! If anyone knows of a good recipe (and looks like this one), please let me know! Enjoy the pics of the pistachio muffin, and don't forget to visit Pure Bread Deli if your ever in Delaware!

Images of the pistachio muffin from Pure Bread Deli


  1. OMG i want that muffin.

    And I want that Red anthropologie shirt too.

  2. I want another muffin too! :D Love your blog FB!


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