10 December 2010

Noise Making Wreaths for the Holidays

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It's cold outside again here. This is the time of the year when it's hard to get me to leave the warmth of the house and my warm fuzzy blankets. But Christmas is just around the corner....however...it doesn't feel like Christmas this year. The year feels like it went so fast that we barely had Thanksgiving. 

I've sitting here watching an old Martha Stewart Holiday special on the Hallmark channel. These Jingle Bell Wreaths are so cute! I had to share with you all. Enjoy!

Jingle Bell Wreaths

The wonderfully familiar sounds of the holidays often get shut out while we're keeping warm indoors. Hang this wreath where it will be heard (on a door, for instance), and bring the ring of sleigh bells to all the rooms in the house. 
  • Form 16-gauge wire into a circle. Make a closed loop at one end with needle-nose pliers. Thread jingle bells onto the open end in any size and color combination. 
  • When the wire is full, join its ends by twisting the unlooped end into a hook, and fasten it onto the closed loop. 
  • Tie a piece of ribbon into a bow; secure it to the bottom of the wreath with 24-gauge wire.
Image & Info from Marthastewart.com: Jingle Bell Wreaths - Martha Stewart Holidays

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