29 September 2012

Not So 'Bare' Colors For The Fall....

So I'm a really BIG Bare Escentuals - Bare Minerals fan.  REALLY BIG fan!! :D  I discovered them around 6 years ago when I was trying to find new makeup before my wedding.  I had always seen the ads and the presentations on QVC, but never tried it.  Then one day in the Mall I saw they had a store; so I went in and tired it out.  It was the best thing I every did for my skin!  I have very sensitive skin.  I break out from all kinds of lotions, detergents, fragrances, etc.  So I was so happy that this helped my skin, instead of hurting it.  So I'm always interested in what new products they have out.

This Summer they brought out these beautiful colors early that would work well into the Fall.  I bought these from QVC when they first came out on the market. (Products counter-clockwise)

- The A List = Lovely eye palette with a soft white, light pink, sparkly purple, and charcoal-black. Great for a night out
- The One = A soft pale pink blush. Good everyday blush.
- The Skinny Dip = A light bronzer, which gives you just a little color where it's not too much. So you can use it as a warmth color into the Fall.

For Fashion Night Out, QVC had a special set of eye colors just for the event.  They are so pretty!  If you're like me and love the light, pastel colors for your eyes.  Here's a great set!  Also, these will look lovely in the Winter with a cream/ivory sweater.

5-Star Fabulous 5-pc Eye Collection

- Vanilla Sugar = a medium golden vanilla shade
- Nude Beach = a light warm sand shade
- Queen Phyllis = a light buttercup shade
- Pinky Swear = a shimmering pink lilac shade
- Silver Dollar = a sparkling silver shade

Another set that I got was this grand collection from QVC.  I love getting these type of collections.  You get so much for your buck.  Also, this is a very neutral collection that is great for everyday wear.  I've been looking for brown eye colors, and this set has like a 'coffee' color look to them.  I'm also in love with the Marvelous Moxies, and I was so happy you got two in one in this set.

Shift into Neutral Grand Collection

- Original Foundation = (I get fairly-light)
- Smitten = candy pink blush shade
- Gold Splendor = a shimmering champagne eye shade
- Exquisite Taupe = a satin fawn eye shade
- Espresso Decadence = a chocolate velvet eye shade
- Round the Clock Eyeliner = Midnight (a blackout shade)
- Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen Mascara = Black
- Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss = Style Setter (an amber pink) & Total Pro (a bronzed pink-pearl)
- Buffing Eye Brush
- Heavenly Blush Brush
- Full Flawless Face Brush

Hope you loves these colors as much as I do.  Enjoy!!

Images from Me; Products found at: Bare Escentuals.com; QVC.com

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