08 December 2011

Five Thoughts of a Parisian Lifestyle....

I happened to see this article on a FB post.  It's called "Five lessons learned from living in Paris."  It's an interesting article, but it's funny that every Parisian book I read has the same lessons in it.  They are really good lessons if you think about it.  Parisians seem to be private people, but they don't let life run them.  They seem to have a good balance of passion & pleasure for how they do things in life.  Sometimes, I think our culture likes to have life run them instead.  Maybe as the new year approaches, we all should take a look at how we see our selves.  Is life running you?  Or are you running life?  Enjoy!

Here are five of the lessons that the girl in the article learned in the "City of Lights."

1. Live a passionate life.
"...Parisians often turned mundane aspects of everyday life into something special."

2. Cultivate an air of mystery
"...the French get a bad rap for coming across as cold and aloof when they're simply very picky about who they open up to and how much they reveal about themselves."

3. Always look presentable. Always!
"It's funny, we'll go and spend money on beautiful clothes and we won't wear them. We'll be saving them for some unknown occasion in the future because we don't want to ruin them, ... We should use these clothes on a daily basis. Why not use our best? I think you should never save your best clothes for later. Use your best now and get rid of anything that isn't up to par."

4. Don't forget the simple pleasures (and do not deprive yourself).
"For some of them it's cleaning out their handbag, and for some of them it's breaking the crust on a crème brulee with a spoon, ... These are things that a lot of us just mow over in life and don't even notice."

5. Make life a formal affair on a daily basis.
"They used their best china and their best crystal on a regular basis. ... They used the nicest things that they had on a daily basis and it elevated every experience that we had."

Article from CNN; Images from Patterson Maker; weheartit; Pinterest

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