22 March 2011

From Kate with Yellow....

Spring has finally arrived everyone!! So happy! This winter has felt so long this year because of all the snow. But brighter, happier days are ahead now. Speaking of 'brighter' days, Kate Spade has launched their new website. It's so bright with the color yellow, which just happens to be the color that they are using for the Spring designs. It just makes you want to smile with happiness. Here are just a few of the new items on their site. Enjoy!

- seersucker patent treesh - $295.00
- sunny kolette skirt - $295.00
- daffodil valerie jacket - $395.00
- shady side magazine tote - $255.00
- tipsy (shoe) - $198.00
- kati pineapple cardigan - $295.00

Images from Kate Spade

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