14 March 2010

Closets, closets, and more closets

Trying to get organized. So I'm looking into closet design ideas as the air of spring is now upon us. I also need to do some spring cleaning inside my closet as well.

Here's some tips on how to edit one's wardrobe:
  1. Get Started and Clean up
    1. Prep
      • Pull everything out of your wardrobe and onto the bed.
    2. Plan
      • Things you'll need for your editing:
        • Full-length mirror
        • Garbage bags
        • Labels and lots of hangers
      • Ask a friend to come over to help. Second opinions are great to have on deciding what items to keep and toss.
    3. Sort
      • Create four piles: (1) Things to Keep, (2) Items that need attention(dry clean/tailor), (3) Thing to Toss, (4) Things to Donate/Resell
      • If it looks bad on you, haven't worn it in two years ('two-year rule'), or is too big or too small, it's time to get ride of it.
      • Remember: Be ruthless when editing!
  2. Organize and Store
    1. Decide what to store
      • Use seasonality or frequency of use be to determine what to keep in the closet and what to store.
    2. Organize hanging garments by type and color.
      • Skirts with skirts. Blouses with blouses. By keeping like with like, options for a given outfit are clear at a glance.
    3. Upgrade your hanger.
      • Your closet will look neater if you use just one type of hanger—wood, sturdy wire, or plastic.
    4. Arrange folded items.
      • Any clothing that will stretch out of shape should be folded over hangers.
      • When organizing the folded clothing you’ll store on shelves, place heavier items at the bottom of the pile, and lighter ones at the top.
      • After folding, arrange garments by function (workout tops together, business tops together, etc.) and color (white to nude to bright colors to black).
      • If your closet doesn’t have shelves, consider using part of your clothing rod for hanging canvas ones.
    5. Get a garment bag.
      • A sturdy canvas garment bag protects fine suits, dresses, and jackets better than plastic.
    6. Smart Storage to manage odds and ends.
      • Buy bins, baskets, containers, or hat/storage boxes to hold items that can’t be hung on hangers.
    7. Pick a system for storing shoes.
      • Choose between a shoe rack on the floor, a hanging shoe organizer, see-through plastic boxes, or original shoe boxes with photographs stapled to them to identify the boxes’ contents.
  3. Add some style to your closet
    1. Add a boutique touch
      • Paint the walls or the back wall
      • Install vintage hooks
      • Hang a pendant or small chandelier light
      • Add an footstool or ottoman 

Before changing the layout of my closet, I thought about looking up some closet style designs for inspirations. Here are some below:

Love the damask design! Anyone know good places to get damask storage boxes?

Celebrity closets.

I need this shoe closet....and the shoes

Closet designs..

Good luck on cleaning everyone! Spring is almost here!

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